Health & Safety

Inglenorth promotes a proactive culture within the company with commitment to the prevention of injuries and ill health among our employees, sub-contractors and anyone affected by our work activities. Health and Safety at work is of paramount priority to Inglenorth and is at the forefront of our everyday procedures and operations encompassing all statutory regulations and moral obligations as defined within the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Our company directors undertake an active role in promoting and delivering Health, Safety & Welfare within our organisation. Our own in house health and safety coordinator is accredited with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Technician Level (Tech.IOSH) certification to further demonstrate our commitment and compliance to HASAWA 1974 statutory regulations.

The appointment of an in-house Health & Safety Practitioner to assist in the everyday management of Health & Safety measures and techniques enhances Inglenorth’s ongoing workforce investment and overall development and improvement of company policies, staff and objectives.

We also employ a specialist external Health & Safety Consultant who advises us on all aspects of the ever changing legislation and to carry out regular safety audits to monitor and improve our continuing performance at all levels within our company structure.